Emotional Health Checks

Most people experience ups and downs in their life and can feel unhappy, depressed, stressed or anxious during difficult times – this is normal part of life. An emotional health check may benefit you if you are making adjustments due to an injury, a change in circumstances, a recent diagnosis or receiving treatment for physical conditions. An emotional health check will help you consider the impact of these changes on your emotions.

Emotional Health Checks are designed to help offer people greater access to advice, self help ‘tools’ and support around managing everyday low mood, worries, frustration and stress. It is a free and confidential advice session over the telephone. you will be asked some simple questions about your mood, how things feel for you and your stress levels. You will then be given some feedback, including some self help materials that are specific for you. In some instances we may suggest other support and help if needed. The session will last between 20-30 minutes.To book your Emotional Health Check today, please contact our booking office on:0300 323 0033